Giulia Barela Jewelry

Signum Alpha Necklace


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The Signum Alpha Necklace is a sculptural jewel in which small geometric shapes combine to create a wearable alphabet of symbols.

Gold-plated bronze

Hand-made in Italy

Total lenght of the necklace: 47 cm

CODE: D11711

“Signum is a visual language made of symbols and signs, which combined in sequences convey our meaningful messages”- Giulia Barela

Signum is the name of the new collection designed by Giulia Barela: a creative project that transforms her jewels into artworks, a wearable alphabet made of symbols. The shapes are a union of signs made by simple lines, primordial figures that make up chains, a metaphor for a universal link; a connection between people, between our inner world and the outside. In creating these iconic elements, Giulia Barela approaches the imaginary of the contemporary artist Giuseppe Capogrossi, a tribute to the power of art in communicating universal values.