Collezione Memento | Gioielli scultorei fatti a mano da Giulia Barela


The collection that celebrates power and ambition

Created to symbolize the steps you have taken to reach an important milestone in your life or those you will have to take to reach one, the Memento collection awakens the energy and emotions that only those who know how to sacrifice themselves for something greater have experienced.

These steps are all important, that is why we should be proud and celebrate them while enjoying the journey. There is no shortcut that gives the chance to reach a goal. The collection is an invitation to not forget the great talent of those who know how to fight gently, turning the impossible into reality.

The pieces of the collection are made with a ladder that represents the constant journey, because success is achieved in small stages, step by step. And we should be proud of every move and every sacrifice we make.

Memento is a motto: remember every day your innate and indestructible strength, your ability to overcome every obstacle with passion, dedication and courage. And you, what goal have you achieved and which do you like to remember? What accomplishment do you want to reach?

Choose a jewel from the Memento collection to keep in mind every day the sensations and emotions of the milestone you have reached.