Giulia Barela Jewelry

Pebbles Ring


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Pebbles ring is a statement band ring that wraps your finger with light sculptural effects. For a dramatic effect, the designer likes to wear this ring in pair in two different sizes on the same hand, one on the ring finger and the other on the pinky finger.

Four sizes adjustable
XS: 5 - 7 
S: 8 - 11
M: 12 - 14
L:  15 - 17
24 K Gold-plated bronze
Handmade in Italy
Code: C3713

The jewels of the Pebbles collection are surprisingly light. The almost feather-like weight of the jewels are inspired by the shape of Pebbles, or “sassolini”.

Human connection is the overarching theme of the collection: the jewels are composed of full and empty spaces, linked to one another. The irregularities and the tiny pebbles allows a flow of light that vibrates. The designer Giulia Barela wants to spread a message of unity: we are linked to one another, and this enables us to create something special.