Giulia Barela

After successful years in International Relations, Giulia Barela decided to move to more creative jobs following her inner inspiration. Firstly she attended a goldsmith workshop and in 2011 she established her eponymous line of jewelry in bronze and silver. Giulia personally works on each piece of her collection in her studio in the historic center of Rome. Her statement pieces have a story to tell: of culture, craft, traditions to be handed down; they are meant for a woman who looks for timeless, and yet contemporary jewelry, which reflects and enhances the personality of who wears it. Giulia Barela jewelry is in limited editions and totally handcrafted in Italy using the renowned traditional techniques of highend jewelry




The attention to volumes and shapes is accentuated within all of Giulia Barela’s collections.

Working with materials such as bronze and silver allow the designer to artistically express her natural talent for sculpture, leading to a collection which embodies her unequivocal style.


Each one of Giulia Barela’s creations draw upon the traditional values of Italiangoldsmith craftsmanship. Ancient lost wax casting techniques allow for unique creations and authentic places, which represent the excellence of “Made in Italy”. A luxury of craftsmanship that is increasingly declining in the contemporary jewellery world.


The creations of Giulia Barela, despite being fully textured, maintain a lightness deriving from expert craftsmanship and the use of high end jewelry techniques. This feature allows for a unique wearability.


Giulia Barela uses an ancient sculptural lost wax technique, which allows her to construct and shape the initial design and finish it by hand for a special touch that renders it unique.

Traditional materials are chosen such as gilt bronze, white and burnished silver, which are sometimes set with irregular shaped pearls, and semiprecious stones that are characterized by their particular nuances and inclusions.


Flair and craftsmanship for a style without limits

Giulia Barela’s jewelry is handcrafted in Rome, the city renowned throughout the world for its captivating beauty. Her collections reveal the most authentic spirit of the city: a perfect blend of art, originality, rigor and sensuality. Admired in Italy and abroad, her creations can be found in the most exclusive boutiques.