Someone once said it’s never too late.
What better way to put this saying into practice by reinventing oneself and allowing our passions to shape our new life?

After studying Law and working in International Relations, Giulia Barela decided to make her long-kept wish to become a jewelry designer. Finally, in 2012 the brand Giulia Barela Jewelry was born. At her own Atelier in the heart of Rome, a stone’s throw from the famous Navona square, the designer moulds and casts her creativity.

Through the years, Giulia Barela gained international recognition not only from experts of the field, but also from international press and audiences.

The brand’s steady growth in the high-end jewelry market is reinforced thanks to the brand’s representation in 20 of the most refined concept stores and boutiques in Italy and abroad.

Giulia Barela Jewelry opened its first flagship store in Rome in 2019, an elegant boutique where jewelry, art and design blend seamlessly, where the designer’s unique style emerges and materializes.



GBJ Jewelry, created by Giulia Barela, are wearable sculptures, the result of a thorough research and refinement, yet contemporary in style.

Each jewel comes to life with the designer’s hand, which also gives the jewel a textural and multi-dimensional feel.
These characteristics are underlined by the designer’s craftsmanship - I prefer to use my hands because I chose the occasional irregularity and each mistake makes you closer to where you need to be - affirms Giulia Barela.

The jewels are molded on the body so that they can follow its natural curves. Anatomical studies have been the designer’s stepping stone to achieve the desired wearability and lightness.

Sculpture represents for Giulia Barela the final outcome of artistic research and thought process that ultimately take form into a design project.

Giulia Barela Jewelry rhymes with luminance, millennial history and form, peculiar traits of the eternal city, source of inspiration for the designer’s collections.

Rome is the stage of history and innovations, an artistic cauldron made of traditions
and never-ending beauty.

The atelier and the boutique are in Rome’s historical centre so that our clients are able to experience the true soul of Rome thanks to the marvels of the city, the creative process and the meeting with our boutique representatives.

Giulia Barela Jewelry expresses the artistry and creative thought process of the designer. Aesthetic and functionality are developed in parallel, resulting in a perfect blend.

The jewels are entirely Made in Italy: cast with the lost-wax casting technique, through the hands of Giulia Barela they are transformed into bronze or silver, refined by the expert hands of jewelry artisans from Italy and completed with a layer of 24-carat gold or rhodium black.

Our sustainable packaging is made of recycled paper and eco-friendly printing.
The founder Giulia Barela and her team deeply care about respecting the environment: sustainability is one of the key pillars of our brand.

Our packaging is designed as an element of the collection: it varies with the time of the year, like festivities or special occasions, and blends with the shapes and forms of the different collections.