Giulia Barela Jewelry

Hoop Stars Earrings Small


The Hoop Stars Earrings are minimal yet refined golden hoop earrings inspired by modern art. The little star is removable

24 K Gold-plated bronze
Hand-made in Italy
Code: A7717 Small

Metafore Collection refers to a primordial alphabet made of universal geometries. Eggs, drops, and ellipses play with fluid and interactive realms caught between pearls and a playful balance of full and empty spaces.

The forms are inspired by the sculptures of mid-20th century artists: Constantin Brancusi, Jean Arp, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. The creations, while referring to the style of these sculptors, reflect Giulia Barela's own vision.

“The morphologies, although apparently abstract, are connected to the relationship between man and nature as well as man and society, revealing their most intimate aspects”  Giulia Barela