Abbraccio Ring


Indian Leaves Collection

The Abbraccio Ring is handmade in Italy, conceived as a wearable sculpture and plated in 24 carati gold.

Part of the Indian Leaves Collection, this ring is a perfect mix between artistic research, design and handcrafted jewelry, like all the creations made by the italian designer Giulia Barela. 

The two small leaves are combined together to create a light, versatile and luminous ring that softly surrounds your finger. His shape metaforically reminds of a "hug" (the translation of the italian word "abbraccio") and was born to celebrate our deepest bonds: friendship, love, sisterhood.


The ring is adjustable to perfectly fit your finger and gives you the possibility to choose the distance between the two small leaves.

Available in small, medium and large.

Gold-plated bronze

Size: S - 10/12 M - 13/15

CODE: C2719