Giulia Barela Jewelry

Hooked Earrings


Enchanted Collection

The Hooked Earrings are lobe earrings in the shape of a snake. The closure at the back is carefully concealed within the back in the shape of a tail, creating the illusion of a continuous line between the front and the back of your earlobe. The serpent interacts playfully with your ears, enhancing your beauty and self-expression.

The Hooked earrings are wearable sculptures part of the Enchanted Collection, in which feminine and harmonic shapes blend with art, Italian craftsmanship and Giulia Barela's love for nature and playfulness.

Height: 4.5 cm

Available in: 24K Gold-plated bronze/Black rhodium-plated bronze/Silver-plated bronze

Handmade in Italy

CODE: A5716

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