Giulia Barela Jewelry

Signum Alpha Earrings


The Signum Alpha Earrings are a sculptural jewel in which small geometric shapes combine to create a wearable alphabet of symbols.

Simple lines generate primordial symbols that merge into chains, a metaphor for a link that is our essence: a connection between people but also a dialogue between our inner world and the outside.

In creating the universal forms for the Signum Collection, Giulia Barela unconsciously approaches the imagination of the artist Giuseppe Capogrossi, an echo that testifies a sensitivity towards beauty and art that permeates all of her creations.

The Signum Alpha Earrings are designed and sculpted by designer Giulia Barela using the lost wax casting technique and entirely handcrafted in Italy by expert craftsmen.

Gold-plated bronze/Black rhodium-plated bronze

Hand-made in Italy

Height Medium: 2 cm

CODE: A11711

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